About Campbell Pottery

Campbell Pottery is the nationally known, award winning functional porcelain made by Bill Campbell for nearly 50 years.

"Once I discovered that making pottery was what I wanted to do with my life, I became committed."

- Bill Campbell

His elegant forms and rich colorful glazes are unusually vibrant and beautiful. A skilled team of talented helpers finely crafts each piece from start to finish with love and care.

The ware is pressed or cast in molds made here at the studio from Bills original prototypes. This gives Bill a lot of control over the production process, and also allows him the opportunity to work on new glazes and forms, supervise kiln openings, and to follow his other love, airplanes.

Bill Campbell talks about the creation and growth of Campbell Pottery.

Bill and his wife Jane met in art school, then started Campbell Studios in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania in 1980.

They share a love of handcrafted artworks, Made in America, and Shop Local. They partly chose this small town because Bill attended nearby Edinboro University, and they fell in love with a large brick building they could afford. This building was lost to a fire in 2004, and the pottery studio moved two blocks away to a building of 38,000 square feet, big enough for anything they could imagine.

Bill and Jane Campbell