Campbell Pottery Wholesale Terms and Conditions

Customer Service: Judith Stoll Ext 222
Accounts Receivable: Betsy Robbins Ext 221
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday thru Friday

Call to talk to friendly office staff that will take orders, answer questions, discuss an issue, pay an invoice or have a suggestion.

Campbell Studios, Inc.
146 Railroad Street
Cambridge Springs, PA 16403

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While our website has only a limited offering of our work that you can order immediately, you can call our Customer Rep and get access to the entire production of the Campbell Signature and Stellar lines. All orders should be directed to our Customer Rep, Judith Stoll. For your convenience, orders can be placed by phone 800-398-5840 ext.222, or Fax 814-398-8844, or email or by regular mail. Items and prices are subject to change without notice. We do not have a minimum order but we like to see the lines well represented. Backorders are shipped as the work becomes available.


COD or Credit Card for new customers on all orders until credit is established. Net 30 from invoice date, for established accounts. Accounts over 30 days pay 1.5% interest per month. All collection costs will be paid by the customer. A $30.00 fee will be charged for each check returned for insufficient funds. If at any time you anticipate trouble meeting the Net 30 deadline, please contact us.

Lead Time

We try to ship all orders within two weeks. If a delay is anticipated for some reason, you will be notified.

Sales Guarantee

Any item that does not sell at your shop within a reasonable amount of time may be exchanged for other work of similar value.

Special Requests

We are sorry we cannot do special requests. Please do not order items that are not listed on the order sheets.

Shipping Charges

We ship via FEDEX plus a 5% Handling Fee.


Please accept all boxes even if damage is apparent. After unpacking, notify us of the damage and we will credit your account or send you new pieces.

We make every attempt to ship you pottery of the highest quality and provide you with the best possible service. If any problems occur with your order (damage, shortages, flaws, etc.) PLEASE REPORT THE PROBLEM TO US WITHIN 10 WORKING DAYS OF THE SHIPPING DATE. After that, we will be unable to make adjustments. As always, we stand behind our work and will gladly replace any items purchased by your customer that fail to perform satisfactorily.

Territory Protection

We reserve the right to protect territories belonging to established wholesale customers. We will notify customers about account inquires within their zip code and we will accept inquiries into a waiting list for that area. If no orders are placed within six months, we will consider the territory open.

Special Note

Please be aware that our beautiful glazes are difficult to achieve and show variation in color from kiln to kiln. Customers should know that no two pieces will be exactly alike: that is part of the beauty of Bill’s glazes.

Campbell Pottery is located in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania