Our pottery is food safe.

We make all our glazes from scratch and fire them to proper maturity. We do not use lead in any glaze. Uneven heating and extreme temperature changes must be avoided for long and happy use of pottery.


Put the food in the pottery and place in a cold oven, then start the heating cycle, so everything comes up to temperature together. Yes, you can do pies this way. Do not put very cold or frozen food on the pottery and start the heating cycle. This will create uneven heating. Thermal shock will crack your pottery. Be careful removing pottery from the oven, it will be very hot and it holds the heat well. NEVER preheat the oven when using pottery in it.


Pottery works well in the microwave for heating liquids, melting butter, re-heating leftovers (food not frozen). About 2 ½ – 3 minutes is the top end. We heat water for tea in a mug for about 1 ½ minutes. DO NOT take a cold dish out of the refrigerator and put it in the microwave and heat it. The edge will get hotter than the center, causing thermal shock. Flat items like plates are the most vulnerable pieces in the thermal shock arena. Consider not microwaving food on them unless you enjoy gambling. Curved surfaces always take stress better that flat. Remember your science classes about arches for building bridges. Always be careful handling pottery after heating it, it holds heat well and can burn you.


Our pottery can be washed in the dishwasher without a problem if it fits. The heated dry cycle can stress flat pieces like plates in some units. Consider not using the heated dry cycle if you are concerned. Do not take the very hot pottery out of a just finished dishwasher cycle and put it in a cold cupboard, or fill with ice, etc. Always think about stress on the ware with fast, uneven heating or cooling.

Stovetop, open flame, freezer

Never. It is not safe for pottery. It can crack and cause breakage, a mess, and even injury to you. Do not broil food in pottery, it causes uneven heating. Uneven heating and stress is hazardous to pottery. It cannot flex, so it will break.

Serving hot food in pottery

It is best to temper the pottery (preheat) to avoid stressing it. Before use, run hot water from the tap into the mug, teapot, soup bowl, serving dish, etc. Let it sit in the sink and warm all the way through. Dry off the pottery if desired, then fill with your favorite hot liquids or food and enjoy!