Campbell Studios makes all their porcelain clay and glazes in house, from scratch.

Materials come in bags of powder from the mines. Our ware is thicker than china and it is high fired to 2300 degrees. It is completely food safe, and can be used in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher, with proper care.

"These glazes are like an enigmatic mistress. Though demanding and unpredictable, they are however just too vibrant and exciting to simply dismiss as too troublesome."

- Bill Campbell

The Campbell Signature Glaze

There are two distinctive glaze types in production. The first is the Campbell Signature Glaze, developed in the early 1980’s. It is a shiny runny blue glaze that is sprayed in layers and can show a lot of variety in colors and patterns that form on their own. This glaze usually has blue, but can go in other directions as well. We cannot entirely control it, which makes it unique and interesting at each kiln opening. We will always choose the best piece on hand to fill your order, but it will not be an exact copy of what you see in the images.

Example of the Campbell SIgnature Glaze

The Stellar Glaze

The other glaze is called Stellar, because of the stunning crystals that form during the firing process. Color variations, random occurrences and a sense of mystery capture the unpredictability of nature. Your imagination will find floating galaxies, exotic coral reefs, and more. The crystals grow in the glaze on their own accord when everything is exactly right. We cannot predict if there will be many small or a few floating large crystals, so again, kiln openings can be unique and interesting. The kiln is carefully fired to exact specifications by a computer controller.

Example of the Stellar Glaze

The stellar crystalline glazes have more color choices, depending on materials available from suppliers, our glaze formulas, and what’s popular. Sometimes a color changes because a mine closes and another source behaves differently. This would be maddening to big industry, but Bill finds it interesting and challenging.

Some glazes do not perform well on a vertical surface, some dislike horizontal surfaces, therefore, not every color will be available in every form. We will always choose the best piece on hand to fill your order, but it will not be an exact copy of what you see in the images.

Our pottery, like all of us, can have small imperfections.

We sort and break the worst, but accept some small flaws as unimportant. It is normal with the difficulty of our process, which is taking raw materials dug out of the earth and making something beautiful. All of our pottery may or may not have “crazing”, which is a fine network of surface cracking. This is typical of crystalline glazes, and does not affect the function of the piece.

You may also see small pits or circles, from a glaze bubble that burst when molten. These might be resealed. There can also be rough areas where crystals were attempting to form but were not successful. You may see a “bowtie” crystal that did not complete the usual circle.

If you receive a piece and have any kind of a concern, especially safety issues, please send us a detailed e-mail, or text with a photo, so we may discuss the matter quickly and accurately. We will always choose the best piece on hand to fill your order. We want you to be happy with your Campbell Pottery.